The Sun Part 2

I have been SO restless, waiting for my last day of work to come. Tired of the tube ride in, walking, working, talking to people who seem to have no perspective, pretending ‘God you’re massive’ isn’t offensive coming from anyone who’s not a friend. On Friday morning it dawned on me… when I give up work I will have 4 weeks pre baby (hopefully). That’s 4 weeks where during the week I’ll mostly be alone. I’ve always got stuff to do and lots of mum’s have given me recommendations on ‘things you should enjoy and squeeze in before you never get a chance to do them again’, but I forget that in my day to day job I am never alone. Even if I chose not to speak to anyone, I’m always surrounded by people. I actually think the weather plays a major part in this as well. I would not class myself as someone who suffers from S.A.D. yet this morning the sun is already beaming through the window and I’m feeling pretty positive about everything.

Being alone when you’re not used to it is one thing, rubbish weather on top of it is just a bit pants really.

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