First Day Off And Still Waiting

Its my 1st day off and I was right. I don’t miss the commute. Instead this morning consisted of hubby leaving for work, me slowly getting up, sorting out some tax return stuff, tidying the house, pootling over to see some of the NCT crew down the road and having lunch. Currently in bed ready for an afternoon nap. Will I manage a nap? Who knows?! Who cares. Laying in bed is far nicer than being sat at my desk… however nice that desk may have been!

The NCT girls were lovely today, start meeting up as you mean to go on. Katy’s had her’s already, 11 days ago, so we were greeted with a lovely new born who was very sweet, didn’t do too much crying and was generally the centre of attention in most things. This one, I even held. We got the gossip on her birth which was inspiring rather than frightening. We like these kinds of stories. And of course there was cake.

One thing I was REALLY hoping to do with my time off was to squeeze in some prenatal yoga each day. Sadly although I ordered my DVDs over a week ago and they were promised within 2 days, my order with the London Yoga Company still hasn’t materialised. I normally wouldn’t be too miffed but when you’re on the count down with less than 4 weeks to go, there really is only a limited window for these products. What will happen! I will keep you updated.

Tomorrow I have a nice, relaxing day set up with the mother-in-law. Food and shopping… could I ask for more? Oh yes… the new build flat that we are trying to buy for the last 2 months, if we could get that sorted soon, that would be really nice! Pre-baby please!

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