Day 2: Lunch, Yoga & Sleeping

IT’S DAY TWO!!! And its still fab.

Had one of my non-fun ‘wake up at 5am and don’t go back to sleep’ mornings. But as I lay there and the sun began to rise I decided that I was going to be proactive! So I got up, made hubby some fresh coffee, switched on the lights so he didn’t have to get dressed in the dark, put on a load of washing, tidied the kitchen and made myself a sandwich because of course… I was hungry. Then the most joyous moment… I went back to sleep again for 2 hours. Bliss. 9.30am rise, shower and get ready to see the mother-in-law.

I know some people have dragons for mother-in-laws, but thankfully, I don’t. So we met up and went to the M&S at Colney Hatch for some lunch. We then went around the shop looking at baby stuff, more so we could see the type of style that we might like when the baby comes, but alas there was little to inspire us. ‘How about this!?’ ‘Erm, not too keen on the colour/design/motif’. I think the only helpful thing that we came away with was knowing I liked white and was not too keen on powdery colours… and pink, why are all the girls clothes pink!? Versace it is! You may have guessed by now that we do not know if we are having a boy or a girl. 

We finally gave up and I came home to discover my yoga DVDs had arrived at last! Huzzah! I will give a full report on the DVDs separately. I can confirm however that I tried the Tara Lee Prenatal Yoga DVD today. I did the work out, relaxed whilst listening to the visualisation chapter and then, completely passed out and fell asleep during the relaxation part. It works!

And a bit of light entertainment for the day. We finished watching Dexter (series 5) last night and  there is a part in the series when a film is found in an apartment, the following is of this clip. Please watch if you would like to be amused.

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