Gaining Baby Weight

Today I discovered that I’ve put on 12.5 kgs, at 36 weeks and 2 days, that’s not bad. I’d been advised that anything between 10 and 15 kgs is fine. I reached the 10kg mark at 20 weeks, so I’m not sure how we’ve managed this.

I’ve been quite fortunate and haven’t gained everywhere, its mainly the bump and even that’s not gigantic. I’d say it looks a healthy size (of course I would). Some people have warned me that the baby has a massive growth spurt in these last few weeks, so it could all get quite a bit bigger.

Weight’s a funny old thing. One side of you knows that having a big bump should be an indication that the baby is a healthy size, but secretly you don’t want it to be too big because it will hurt on the way out. The vain side whispers that smaller is better, no one likes to be told their massive (pregnancy related or otherwise), you want to be small so you have less to lose later and also to make it easier during child birth. Then it comes full circle, you feel bad for wanting a small baby because you want to give it the best chance in life right from the start. But of course I have no real control over where the food/weight get’s distributed, do I? Surely its my body that decides, ‘ooo, this kilo can go to making the baby big, then I might decide to give you the next kilo if you’re lucky’. Or does it? Generally I guess if a mother is gaining ‘maternal storage tissue’ then so is the baby and visa versa. However having spoken with a few mothers, interestingly some say that how they have put on weight is also down to the baby. E.g. slimmer for the pregnancy of 2 babies, but then large and putting on a good few stone for another. Does make you wonder.

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