Captain’s Log: 25 Days Til D-Day

Yesterday was a bit of a daze. Never quite regained the sleep, tried to snooze pretty much all day. In the end I gave up. Lovely hubby came home early and we went to see ‘Oblivion’ with Tom Cruise. Unexpectedly really enjoyed it. Elements from of ‘Moon’, ‘Matrix’, ‘Drive’ and ‘Space Odyssey’, but very much a film in its own right. One thing I have been advised from the start is to go to the cinema as much as you can before you have kids. I guess unless you go see a children’s film, its going t o be a bit tricky in the future.

With 25 days left to go, the baby really is running out of room. The kicking that used to occur before now feels like the baby is re-arraging all my organs everytime it moves. Its not very comfortable. Apparently is going to get even bigger!

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