Prenatal Yoga With Tara Lee

Why yoga? I really wanted to stay active during pregnancy, however I think now is a time to take things a bit slower, enjoy your pregnancy as much as you can and to ‘connect’ with your baby. I have another prenatal yoga DVD I will review soon but I have to be honest, this is the yoga DVD I have leaned towards.

‘Pregnancy Health Yoga’ by Tara Lee. This is an hour long yoga routine that is un-rushed and well explained. The routine is also split into chapters so you can focus on specific parts of the work out if you wish to, for example: which postures are good for which ailments, the relaxation section on its own etc. It also has a ‘visualisation’ sectioning which is in addition to the full practice and is very helpful.

What do I think of this work out? I am in my 3rd trimester with 3 weeks to go and I would definitely recommend it.

  • What I like the most is that it is a workout that is designed very specifically around the fact that you are pregnant. I.e. This breathing technique will help you during child birth, this pose is helpful if you have sciatica, this is a great way to get baby into the right position.
  • You don’t need to have studied yoga before to get into this.
  • You get a good work out but it is not too excessive
  • You really get the feeling afterwards that you have done something positive for yourself and your baby.

No real downsides. I’d love a 2nd work out as part of the same DVD and a few more moves to help if you groin pain but that’s a wish list more than what the DVD is lacking. Worth the investment. I actually bought the full DVD set (prenatal yoga, post natal yoga & yoga for you and your baby) and so will keep you up dated on how those go once I’ve hit those phases.

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