Body Care & Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

I think the big thing during pregnancy is that you go through so many different phases that sometimes it’s really difficult to make the effort. I like simplicity, if it’s simple, easy to do and easy to fit in my regime then it’s more likely to happen. During pregnancy, this attitude became even more pronounced. In my 1st and 3rd trimesters I was continually exhausted and all I wanted to do was finish whatever I needed to do and go sit or lay down. So here are a few simple things I kept doing throughout pregnancy to try to help myself.

Exfoliation: As we all know exfoliating helps break down fatty deposits, get rid of dead skin and helps with circulation. What could be more beneficial to our thighs and bottoms to help cellulite build up during these times when you’re more likely to eat everything & anything? Exfoliating is not so much about the wash product as the physical action so try an exfoliating glove from a Boots or Tescos etc. A glove (with fingers) vs. a mitt (no fingers) however gives you a firmer grip and more control so would advise getting a glove if you can.

Body Moisturising: Some people believe if you’re going to get stretch marks, you’re going to get them. I simply believe that there is no harm in trying to help nature out. I have always moisturised from head to toe from a young age, not sure why but it seemed to make sense to me. Now I’m pregnant it makes even more sense to me. Where should you moisturize? Everywhere! I figure the belly is stretching intensely but it will beg, steal and borrow skin from wherever it can. i.e. my back, thighs, underarms, breasts etc. My recommendation (and now I have found it I might not go back) is from Palmers. Why? It is rich and luxiourious but it disappears into the skin without leaving any residue, just the feeling of supply, young feeling skin. Its fab! I have a preference for either:

Stretch marks: I have to admit that on top of the above I have also been applying stretch mark oil. There are many out there and I almost feel like most (designed for pregnancy) do the same thing but then again it might be that I’ve been using some good ones. However the same cannot be said for the stretchmark creams.

For the oils the ones that seem to work well are:

For the creams (if you really do not want to use an oil) the best I’ve found came from

  • Mama Mio
  • I have to admit I tried Mum and Me stretch mark cream and really didn’t get on with it. It was not rich enough, it left an odd white residue which sometimes came off in bits. Nope, just not ideal for me.

The bottom line is if you get stretch marks, however faint they become they are for life… its worth investing a bit more and using one of the 3 above to try to reduce your chances.

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