Captain’s Log: 19 Days To Go

Its just under 3 weeks to go and I continue to be happy that I left work when I did. Yesterday I went for a walk around our local park and the pressure on my bladder was pretty bad. My pelvis (which I now believe belongs to a 90 year old) takes a little while to warm up but then eventually get’s going. Nothing amused my flat mates more than when hubby gently pulled me up off the sofa and I fell into the wall as I hadn’t quite mobilized my legs and hips in time. Ha ha, very funny.

How’s it feeling? I was expecting a tiny bit more room to breathe since the baby has now dropped. I remember times during my 2nd trimester and again in my 3rd where I’m guessing the baby was having a growth spurt, I felt permanently stuffed and breathing at the top of my lungs. You know that feeling when you’ve been round your mum’s at Christmas, EVERYTHING tastes good and because it’s a special occasion you have too much of everything… twice? You can’t quite breathe fully, or move, or even sit down comfortably. Well this is the feeling generally now on a day-to-day basis, irrespective of how much I’ve eaten. Baby now kicks upwards with its not so little feet (I blame hubby) and when it moves, everything moves. I guess it’s tight for me, but it’s even tighter for the baby. It is however very cute that when it juts out its bottom, back or foot for a bit, I can massage it from the outside. Uncomfortable or not, it makes me smile as I know it can feel mummy massaging it… almost like our 1st real contact.

Good news though, the midwife’s check-up on Monday showed that baby was pointing down, had ‘dropped’, was 2-5ths engaged and with its back to my belly, which is all really great. Of course, as with all wriggling bundles of love, it might yet chose to shift again. I remain hopeful. I continue to lie on my left side and do my prenatal yoga moves as often as possible to try to keep the baby in the optimum position.

Today my mum came round and I think we spent most of the day eating. We made one of Jamie Oliver’s ’15 minute’ meals: Incredibly Deliciously Chicken Salad. Damn it was good! Then watermelon, then the flat mate returned with some awesome nougat. I look up at the clock and realize it is 5 and I think I have spent 3 hours cooking and eating. It is generally one of my favourite past-times so not that worried, but it’s amazing how time flies.

This Saturday I am having a few friends over as almost a final get together pre baby… baby shower can come later! Very much looking forward to it, the ‘watching them all drink wine’ bit, not so much. Mind you I can’t really complain, I used to love wine before I became pregnant, now it just doesn’t taste the same. It makes me laugh, it was the one thing all my friends worried about… ‘How will she cope?!’ But nature is a wonderful thing some times.

Bit of a bugger, the only way in or out of our road will be closed off for the London Marathon this Sunday. Let’s hope to God baby chooses not to make an appearance early!

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