My skin has done a complete 180 since I became pregnant. For some theirs get’s worse… in a way mine has got better:

  • Before Pregnancy: Oily, prone to breakouts, deep angry spots BUT it did heal very well, blemishes disappeared fast
  • During Pregnancy: Dry, no spots (hurrah! Only took me 30 years and pregnancy to get there), however if I have had a spot the blemishes have stayed and my skin has not healed as well. I still have scars several months after. I’m not sure the cold winter this year as done it any favours either.

There are many statistics floating around but there is a general consensus that approx up to 60% of what we put on our skin is absorbed into our systems. Isn’t that crazy? Of course this amount fluctuates dependent on the ingredients and body part. With this in mind, I really do feel it’s worth thinking twice about the products we put on our skin generally. Hence where I can you will notice I try to go organic/natural/limited nasties.

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