Captain’s Log: 16 Days To Go

It’s D-Day in 16 days and I have the London Marathon at the end of my road and the Thames on the other side. i.e. I’m a little trapped if anything starts happening. I wonder if Richard Branson would give me a helicopter lift to the hospital if I start going into labour? Despite some sharp pains in my urethra (that I mainly seem to be getting in the evenings… I do wonder if its tiredness associated) we managed to get up early enough to wash (its becoming quite an effort) and potter down to the end of our road to see the men’s elite pass us. We saw Mr Mo Farah for all of the 3 seconds before he dashed past. I will admit it was good to be outside, it was nice to watch other people doing exercise, our area sounds like its almost taken on a bit of a carnival type atmosphere. A little chilly in the shade but getting quite warm in the sun. Probably prefect weather for the athletes but maybe a tiny bit too hot? Not that I have a clue, I think 10km is the furthest I’ve ever run. Either way warm enough that eventually I took my jacket and hoody off… only to be congratulated for my bump by one of the runners! Amazing they had time to notice and respond to such things.

Oh, the men’s finished recently and I believe it was an Ethiopian gentleman in at 2h 06m. The Boston Marathon also finished 6 days ago with the sad bombings, lots of support for them today.

I have to admit there is a marked difference between how I feel now and when I left work 2 weeks ago. Before I left I was big enough, uncomfortable, my clothes cut into my waist a bit, travelling was not very nice, back ached, the baby was busy etc. At least I got to sit at my desk most of the day which made up for the horrible journey.

– My 1st week off (week 36) I was still pretty mobile. Met with a few different people during the week, yoga most days, insomnia still, but I definitely noticed the baby had a growth spurt on that week.

37 weeks last week and I have to be honest it’s started getting difficult. The baby just feels so low and heavy now as its still getting bigger and getting into position. I thought I was ‘full’ before, but now the stomach is tight, stretching and the baby inside it is really big. I can feel the bum and back fully filling up half my tummy, so along with the amniotic fluid and the massive placenta, I honestly do not understand how the baby has any more room. Mind you, every time it does move it literally moves all my internal organs to make the shift which often leads to a sharp intake of breath. You can pretty much feel the edge of my womb round my stomach and on my sides. I think the muscles at the bottom of my stomach are starting to have to give way and I think the top of my stomach is being pulled down, is there still time for stretch marks? This last week has really been a challenge, I have to sit straight most of the time to give the baby space. I wake up regularly in the middle of the night with the moving baby. I actually feel like I have bruises now at the top of my stomach/womb where the baby has been kicking. Is this all a ruse so that when you start contractions you’re relieved? I ‘feel’ ready to pop…. But I still have 2 weeks and 1 day to go. COME ON!!!

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2 Responses to Captain’s Log: 16 Days To Go

  1. Nice blog….you are in perfect health….so is your baby….coongrats

  2. hello…how is captain?

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