Captain’s Log: 13 Days To Go: Food In The House & Bladder Pains

God, I’d forgotten how amazing clothing smells when its been dried outside! My one chore DONE for today. Other than that, I have had a friend over today and it has been a marvellous distraction. She is one of the NCT ladies and her adorable son Scott. She brought lunch which I am very thankful for as, being the main grocery shopper in our relationship, I find myself a little light on food in the house. After discovering that we were out of rye bread last night, I went for my trusty back up option of Ryveta… but the cupboards were bare. I can’t blame hubby for eating food when he’s hungry, but I am surprised to be lacking in food when normally our cupboards are always over flowing. In the end I had to make do with a tortilla covered in Dairylea with a few tomatoes. I can’t believe I actually got to a point at 1.30am last night where I was bored of being hungry and needing food. Its not big amounts, but it is regular, and it’s just a bit too often… poor baby.

I have also been having some sugar lows this last week: I start feeling a bit jittery, it then becomes quite over powering, I become uncoordinated, can’t concentrate and often will get really hot and sweaty even if it’s arctic outside. I am overcome by exhaustion but try to keep awake as not sure what would happen to my body if I fell asleep without resolving the issue. The only way to get better is to eat or drink something sweet, normally something like a Mars bar will help. Generally I don’t have a sweet tooth so its a bit odd that this is the solution, but hey ho. I don’t have diabetes and they did check me for pregnancy diabetes as well which I also don’t have, so I guess its just a reaction I get from time to time. Ironically then I received my ‘you’re 38 weeks!’ email from Bounty, what do I read…

Your baby is still taking glucose from your bloodstream so you may be weak from hypoglycaemia (low blood sugar). Keep a variety of healthy snacks so that you can have a nibble now and then.

On another note, shooting bladder pain anyone? Wow. I called up the midwife today to double check it wasn’t anything serious. The last 2 weeks, pretty much since the baby has dropped, I have found that certain movements by the baby give me an intense need to pee. This has now increased to a more severe shooting pain in my urethra when I walk and I mainly seem to get it in the evening (maybe its a tiredness related thing?) although today I got it at lunch time. I can’t imagine its a UTI as I have none of the other symptoms, I’ve been drinking plenty of water and go regularly and painlessly. Anyway, so I called the midwife who confirmed that because I have none of the other symptoms it sounds like the baby is literally sat on a nerve to create the shooting pains. It should all disappear once the baby is born and in fact may even disappear whilst the baby is still in the womb, sometimes it takes a 1mm movement to the left or right to resolve the issue. The pain is still uncomfortable but it does put my mind at rest that it is nothing serious. 14 days to go… come on!

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