LIST: The Hospital Bag From Bare Essentials To Enhanced

I admit that I am a minimalist and in my ideal world I would rock up to the hospital with a bottle of water and car seat and walk out with a baby. However I appreciate I can’t do this. So what do I really need in my hospital bag? I have pulled together my list of necessities and then added an enhanced list. After all these days they seem to want you in and out a lot faster!

Essential basics (bare minimum), yes I really do think this is the do or die list:

  • Baby: Car seat
  • Baby: Nappies
  • Baby: Swoddling blanket
  • Mum: YOUR NOTES!
  • Mum: Pants
  • Mum: Something to give birth in (lose clothing/bikini)
  • Mum: Water

Enhanced list:

  • Baby: Vests/baby grows/hat?
  • Baby: cotton wool
  • Mum: Period-pads/After-birth pads/Breast pads
  • Mum: Lip balm
  • Mum: Slippers
  • Mum: Food/drink & bendy straws
  • Mum: music/entertainment
  • Mum: Change of clothing for the journey home
  • Mum: Something to keep your hair back
  • Mum: Something to go home in
  • Mum: Wash kit

Partners and dads… seriously, they’re old enough to sort themselves out! I jest (in part), but their list (hubby I hope you’re reading this):

  • Partner: Map… the route to the hospital + alternatives
  • Partner: Money for parking & food
  • Partner: Batteries for TENS unit
  • Partner: The food mentioned above
  • Partner: Lighter clothing in case the labour ward/birthing unit is baking

BOOM! Of course there are even more things you can add to the list: massage oil, fan, face cloth, chargers etc but if you’re going in at 4cm dilated I can’t imagine you’ll have the time to hang out and partake of all the other creature comforts you’ve packed.

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1 Response to LIST: The Hospital Bag From Bare Essentials To Enhanced

  1. Katy says:

    I can just imagine you walking in with a bottle of water, baby car seat and a pair of pants! I would add nipple cream (Lansinoh) to start protection as soon as you can, a pair of cosy socks, an extra pair of PJs to wear after delivery, some plastic bags to take dirty clothes home in and a towel to the list for you. I was really glad to have my V pillow there during labour but plenty of pillows were provided. For bubba, probably 3 vests and babygrows, definitely a hat, also a cardigan to go home in, Vaseline to make the first (and second and third) meconium nappy change easier and a muslin to catch any milk brought up.
    Really enjoying reading your blog! Kxx

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