Captain’s Log: 11 Days To Go: Fourth Trimester Anyone?

THERE’S NO ROOM AT THE INN!!!! I’m so full of baby my skin is sore! Please stop growing! 11 days to go (ish) it’s all ok, we’ll make it. Should get the keys to the new house today. Have a rough plan for the move, but taking it easy.

So a couple of days ago I get additional info about a FOURTH trimester. Really? 9 months of growing baby not enough? But thought it was worth a bit of a nose…

The basic idea appears to be that you just go with the flow in the 1st 3 months after the baby is born and you are led by the cues the baby gives you. All the baby has known up until now is your womb where they received all the care, warmth, food and closeness they needed. Suddenly they are out in the open, exposed and everything has changed!  It makes sense they need an adjustment period and so this is your ‘babymoon’, an extension of their previous life that you enjoy together. Hence trying to impose bed times/feed times etc may hit resistance with your baby and create added frustration for the parents.

Here are some of the tips that I’ve found scouring the net!

  • Give the baby lots of hugs and closeness… skin to skin is good!
  • Feed on demand
  • Let them sleep when they need to and give up on your own sleep expectations for this period
  • Think in terms of routines rather than schedules and deadlines (a far cry from my normal work mentality!)

Take the pressure off and give yourself a break in the 1st 3 months (it can be quite liberating, I’ve started this mental attitude early, not sure people are used to me being like this):

  • You don’t have to fit everything in and you don’t HAVE to do everything by a set deadline, most things really are not that urgent.
  • Let them sleep when they need to BUT don’t tip toe around the baby either during the day, let them hear and see normal life
  • Just enjoy your newborn and give as much love as you can because they love it too

I do not need to be told twice. This is my 1st baby, the only time I will have like this. Bring on snuggle time!!!

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