Captain’s Log: 8 Days To Go: Guess What I’m Thinking About… Natural Forms Of Labour Induction

Morning 6am-ers! Saw ‘Love & Other Drugs’ last night and loved it… worth a watch if you’ve not seen it yet.

Anyway, so I’ve got 8 days to go as of today. Since I’m considered ‘full term’ as of 37 weeks, I’m like most mothers I would guess, I know it’s safe if the baby wants to come out now & for personal comfort reasons I would like the baby to come out now. Of course there is the due date itself, but the probability of actually hitting it is slim… and no one really wants to go over. Going over makes you worry that you’re going to need to be ‘artificially’ induced in hospital, which I’ve heard is not the nicest of experiences. So at this stage, so close to the end, I am considering what options I can take to help encourage bubba into the world.

Natural forms of induction. Its worth noting that pretty much everywhere you look there are signs saying ‘there are no naturally proven ways to induce labour’. I guess in comparison with someone putting a needle in you with hormones specifically designed for the job, most other things pale in comparison. However, again I am a big believer that most things, if natural and won’t harm the baby, are worth a try. You never know, one of them might just work for you!

  • Having sex (but not if your waters have broken)/ sexual arousal / nipple stimulation; raise levels of oxytocin in your body helping you kick start labour. Also when you are artificially induced (see below) the gel/pessary inserted into the vagina to help ripen the cervix contains prostaglandins… well semen has this as well! Dare I say it but it seems the most convincing way to get things started!
  • Evacuation’ acupuncture: According to traditional Chinese philosophy, this stimulates the energy within the body to act on a specific organ function or system. 
  • Castor oil: Can act as a strong laxative to kick start labour, the oil can stimulate your tummy and therefore also stimulate your uterus (womb)
  • A curry: yes a curry! Working on the same premise as castor oil: laxative/can stimulate the tummy
  • Pineapples: 1) It contains the enzyme bromelain which is thought to help to soften your cervix (but you’d need to eat about 7 pineapples). 2) if you’ve eaten about 7 you’re likely to ‘stimulate the tummy’ and again this can help kick start labour
  • Hot baths: … but not too hot, apparently this is to do with helping you relax (if a woman is relaxed you are more likely to go into labour)
  • Herbal supplements & Homeopathy… best you speak with your GP here. As much as they are ‘natural’, it doesn’t mean they can’t be strong or have particular side effects
  • Walking… and how can we forget walking. If you’re not in too much pain (I have on / off days), a good walk to let gravity assist!

If you are late, your midwife may suggest a ‘membrane sweep‘ first before full on artificial induction. If this does not work then options for artificial induction seem to be:

  • A tablet (or pessary) or gel to be inserted into the vagina: to help soften/ripen the cervix 
  • Breaking your waters
  • Sometimes a hormone drip is needed: the drip contains oxytocin, the hormone which helps your womb contract

Come on baby! I know its tight in there, its time to break free (sing a long at your own pace).

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