Last Week: 38 Weeks Pregnant

I just wanted to summarise last week, my 38th week of being pregnant. I think that week and the 37th were the most challenging of my whole pregnancy both physically and mentally.

The 38th week I think I regressed a little. Sure, we popped out to see the marathon down the road but other than that I found it very difficult to leave the house. My aunt came out with a classic comment of… ‘you haven’t put on that much weight, I thought you were joking with the waddle.’ Was that a touch of ‘man the f*** up?’ I couldn’t help but feel a bit under attack, like the only reason it was acceptable to waddle was weight. It might be one cause but it is not the only reason you might struggle to stand up, mobilise your hips or have to walk slowly. I don’t know if anyone else can sympathise but I’ve had to stand up, rock my hips a bit before I start to walk, pretty much for the last 10 plus weeks. Its not a weight thing, it’s a ‘nature-let’s-open-up-them-hips-real-good’, type thing. That coupled with the bladder pain, you can’t help but be a little fearful and cautious when you walk so as not to aggravate the situation. So yes, sometimes I waddle and that’s because I’m in pain, not because I think it’s attractive or a la mode for pregnant women.

Anyway, baby was making its way down, getting all friendly and engaged with my pelvis. Everything felt heavy, painful and I think, especially during the week I didn’t want to travel anywhere especially if I was on my own. Mentally although I have been very active with tons to sort out, I think it was nagging and worrying me that a) the baby felt like it was having a massive growth spurt (where was I going to put more baby?!) and b) I was in pain most of the time… does it get worse? Does it end? Does it get better after child birth? The whole ‘going out of the house’ issue was starting to play on my mind, but I hadn’t really realised it.

This last weekend, hubby did one of the best things for me, he just got me out of the house. Friday we had to pick up the keys to our new house. He was driving so I had nothing to worry about plus I felt safe with him overall, guess this helped me be less anxious. Saturday we even ventured to Ikea and wandered around… I know, right? Am I on crack? Who does that willingly in their right mind let alone 38 weeks pregnant!? But it was great, thankfully it was barely busy which helped a lot. We went out for lunch and then went back and built some flat pack (ok, he built, I pointed). And Sunday again, back to the new flat for some moving & unpacking.

Is it all just in your head? I can tell you that the shooting pains I was getting were definitely a real thing. The midwife had said it could just take the baby to move a millimetre and it could help. I guess it moved a millimetre. I think that physical move plus having someone reliable and trustworthy taking me by the hand and unassumingly doing normal things with me helped me get back into normality a bit. You forget how much the support of other people means to you in your day to day life. The truth is, I feel quite vulnerable at this stage.

I do believe that you should listen to your body, challenge it a bit to see how it’s getting on but do listen in. For now I’m feeling quite a bit better, of course this could all change and baby could do a ‘sit on mummy’s nerve’ again. But for now the pain has subsided… and been replaced by a cold. Ha ha! that’ll teach me for moaning! 30th April was officially the start of week 39, here’s hoping I’m not bunged up and in labour, mind you even if I do,  worse things happen at sea, eh?

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1 Response to Last Week: 38 Weeks Pregnant

  1. bulajoo says:

    You have to do what is right for you, for how you feel and for how your body is feeling. I’ve had almost all of the same pains that you’ve referenced. Its uncomfortable, it’s painful and it’s alllll worth it. I’m a few days over my due date right know and can certainly share in your discomfort. If I get out of the house to walk down to the end of the street and back (and it takes 30 minutes when it should take 3) that’s a success. These last few weeks are precious – as many complaints as you may have, this is the easiest it will be to take care of baby. The challenges continue, they are just… different. I wish you all the best (and a nice warm bath to soothe that body of yours)!

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