Why Pay The Extra For NCT Classes: Our Recommendation Michelle Bramham

‘Those NCT Nazis’, I promise you. However distasteful the phrase, it has been used to describe some of the NCT class instructors that different people have experienced over many, many years. Maybe my group got very lucky or maybe things have grown and developed over the years, either way our instructor was brilliant.


  • NCT stands for the National Childbirthing Trust and is a charity.
  • Often referred to ‘NCT classes’ are antenatal classes run by the NCT. They do hold other classes after delivery as well.
  • Make sure you enquire about classes ahead of schedule as they are smaller groups of about 6 couples and so can get filled up quite fast.
  • You should be starting your classes around week 30.
  • This is not something your midwife will help you with, you will need to research, book and pay for these yourself.

The bad wrap: People have described teachers who have been; ‘too hippie’, ‘man bashers’, ‘anti-painkiller’, ‘you HAVE to feed the baby from the breast’… the list goes on.

Our teacher recommendation: Michelle Bramham (Shooters Hill/Blackheath area)… 

Thankfully our teacher has been very grounded, level headed, has a wealth of information and has had children before. The best pieces of advice she gave us all were to ‘go with the flow’ and ‘especially in childbirth, do what feels right, it’s not a competition. What she did very well was to give us all the information we needed about all our different options. She empowered us through knowledge so we could make the best decisions for ourselves. No husband bashing! She got them all involved and I would almost say tailored parts of the classes specifically to them, what they might need more information on. Overall the classes were very interactive, memorable, made sense and we always had a take away from the class of the key things to remember. Definitely one of the best things we’ve spent our money on in the run up to having a little baby. You just walk away feeling a little less bewildered and a little more secure in the crazy choice you’ve made. Yes, I say crazy. You’ve signed up for 9 months of giving your body over to a little entity which will take it on a roller coaster ride, only ending in childbirth. Then the real fun begins with your sleepless nights, spending money, ‘negotiations’ and probably not moving out til they’re 30. I’m actually quite positive about it – I’m also just a realist.

What is the purpose of NCT & NCT classes:  I would probably say that someone noticed that all the information parents needed was scattered everywhere. The NCT website/classes/handouts, pull all the information that you need together so it is one place, but it’s not just about the cold hard facts. This extends to helping mothers meet other mother’s in their area to create self-sustaining mini social networks. Exercise classes in your area that are specific to pregnancy/parents, ‘nearly new sales’ etc. Ultimately I would say it puts a bit more of a human face on it all and caters realistically to the needs of the parents.

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