Captain’s Log: 3 Days To Go

We have decided to move this today. Hubby took the initiative so the move didn’t end up dragging on (as we started shifting stuff last week) he booked a man with a van this weekend, today at 1pm. By tonight we will have all our belongings in the new place and will be sleeping there. The gas and electricity thankfully is on and we have a working boiler. I spent most of last week going back and forth to the new flat letting in handy men etc, so I’ve been doing my share . However there will be no TV or internet. In a way I’m happy we’ll be in, these are just the teething challenges you get with almost any move. I just didn’t realise I relied on internet so much. It’s how I update my blog, it’s how I stop myself getting bored during the day, call up utilities companies to organise the rest of the stuff that needs sorting, order things for the house… TV I can live without, but without internet as well! I may not survive.

Melodrama aside. The move has been gentle to me in a certain sense. I don’t mind packing some of the items, but it is tiring. My lower back really started to ache last night. (Hopeful, over enthusiastic voice…) ‘Is this me getting pre labour pains passed off as back ache due to a bit of manual labour!?’ God I wish! But I doubt it. Until stuff becomes regular and actually what I anticipate to be proper labour pains, I think I will stop getting too excited. Think I was just a bit knackered and indeed slept like a horse last night, almost a solid 11 hours, 1st time in weeks! Woke up this morning and I’ve felt a bit doped up all day. I’ve been in a mild haze just packing and having a bath.

The baby? Well, I had a mild scare this morning as baby was inactive. I say inactive in teh sense that I am so used to it moving all day from when I wake until bedtime. But then I realised I was being a little paranoid as I had only given the baby 30 mins in the morning to get moving. It was obviously doped up on the same thing mummy was. Some cold grapes and some golden syrup on pancakes soon got it moving. It is now happily kicking my ribs and although painful I am much happier.

Boys should return soon, one more round of packing the car I think and that’s it. Not that we have anywhere to put any of the stuff… not that I’ll be able to order anything online. I am however very much looking forward to the massive park/forest directly behind the house… time for a bit of walking soon I think.

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