Captain’s Log: 2 Days To Go: New Home

OK, so we have no internet and I’ve been struggling to even get to the ‘add new post’ page. That aside, I have to admit, life is pretty good (despite the 2 cold sores I’ve managed to get in my nose… Seriously?! My NOSE?! Mother nature knows no boundaries, I’m sure that view will be confirmed once in labour). So before I lose connection/someone calls me or something else happens to throw me off my page:
Life is pretty good
The view from our new flat (the entirety of London from a hill) is amazing. Sunset was spectacular last night, a tangerin sky the changed to red/purple as we watched the sun go down behind Canary Wharf… It could be worse.
A full fridge
A far too fashionable Delonghi kettle
A comfortable bed with clean linen
Did I mention the view? Got up at 8am this morning as we have no curtains. ‘Disco’ (aka the baby) has been lovely and wriggly. The sun is shining and it’s supposed to be a scortcher this weekend. Hubby’s off already to get a wardrobe from Ikea and a few other bits whilst I sit at home on our awesome couch waiting for the washing machine dude to arrive to fit our new Samsung Eco Bubble. Can I just add how relieved i am Disco did not arrive yesterday? If it did hubby was going to try to call the child Luke or Leiya (?). Not long now!!! 🙂

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