Captain’s Log: 1 Day To Go

So here we are. We’re 1 day away from D-day. New house is still brilliant despite the lack of curtains in our bedroom but it’s ok. After a trip to B&Q today we should be sorted. So far I’ve had lower back pain last 3 days, but that could just be all the moving and packing. This back pain has also been coupled with what I’d normally call period pains. Toilet today was hopeful but that could be all the fruit and whole grain yesterday. I find myself with my butt on the birthing ball and my chest on a stack of cushions on the edge of our sofa. God it’s comfortable.

I must admit that despite almost 9 hours solid sleep last night I’ve been exhausted all day. Although most of my cold has gone I still feel run down, runny nose, gammy eye and my cold sores. GOD I’M ATTRACTIVE.

Trip to B&Q was a success, even managed a pit stop to Sainos. Can you believe neither Sainos or Boots had castor oil? Had a brilliant moment when I spoke to the pharmacist’s assistant, asking what the difference was between castor oil and cod liver oil in case they had similar ‘inducing’ properties. She went away to speak with the pharmacist, came back and told me one was a fish oil and one was vegetable based. At this stage I knew I was on a losing streak so I smiled and left. Ironically I think she thought I may have not been the brightest.

Went for a full one hour walk today in the park/forest behind the flat. It was amazing. Walked down the hill and then up a massively steep one. Fingers crossed this helps us along a bit. Am hoping it also knackers me out a little more for some solid sleep tonight. Til tomorrow

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