Captain’s Log: Stress With Passing Your Due Date

So, here we are. Due date was yesterday. You can’t help but be hopeful on the day, no matter how unlikely it is that the stars will all align. I’m thinking a leaf out of our NCT instructor’s book is needed. ‘Just go with the flow’. We know baby’s unlikely to be born if I’m stressed, but as mentioned yesterday, it’s difficult not to be. Now I’m past my due date the clock is ticking to being artificially induced in 2 weeks time,which is not nice. Ultimately I think that’s the truth of it. It’s now down to praying it will come in the next 2 weeks so that something even heavier that childbirth doesn’t have to come my way.

Now I’ve named that fear, I’m going to remind myself of a few good things.
1. Most first time mums are overdue.
2. God bless the French, they count 41 weeks and I raise my glass of bubbles in their direction.
3. Almost everyone I know who’s had kids in the last year or so has delivered late (7 out of 9!!!).
4. Why bother stressing myself out. If this were in the middle of the jungle or even 60 or so years ago I wouldn’t have an exact date to pin all my hopes and dreams on and baby would still come out alright!
5. Not sure why I’m rushing it anyway, we haven’t finalized names yet!

I sincerely think it’s also the not knowing. I’m so used (ooo real time update, baby has the hiccups!) being organized and importantly being able to do stuff that it just feels like my life is on hold a little bit. I have had 4 full weeks off work which have been great and now it’s weird, I guess I just need to carry on as before. It’s a mental thing. Mind you, with the move there’s more than enough to be getting on with.
I have to admit i was a bit hopeful last night. Intense back and abdominal pain with really strong braxton hicks. I even had to breathe through them as they were quite painful. But they only lasted about 30s each, not regular enough and… I’ve had them before, so again just on standby for them to get more intense and be the real thing.
The curry last night worked parts of its magic, the other part obviously kick starting labour. And so I wait.
One additional thing I will share with you that made me laugh. I got out of the bath just now and looked at my massive belly. The words of a shop assistant came back to me (I was trying on proper corsets for my hen party 6 years ago): ‘wow, normally we put people into a corset 4 inches smaller than their normal waist measurement but your waist is super soft, we might even be able to go down 8!’ she was so excited and I was so mortified as I’dbeen working out like a pitch for a few months before hand, my waist being the only thing that could never muster any muscle definition.and now, could it be my squidgy belly is helping save me from stretch marks!? Better not speak too soon, bubba may chose to have a growth spurt these next 2 weeks… Bring on the oil!

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One Response to Captain’s Log: Stress With Passing Your Due Date

  1. Jo says:

    Hi Olive….sounds like it will happen any time now, but if not, I’m convinced the acupuncture plus shiatsu treatments plus clary sage and lavender bath I had (all in one day) were responsible for Raphi coming early. I went into labour that night and contractions started in the acupuncture treatment. Alternatively, have lots of long baths and showers…..whenever you want……just because it’ll be a while before you can once little’un makes his/her appearance. Good luck! Xxx

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