Captain’s Log: Small Victories

Today has been successful. Not in the ultimate goal of giving birth but it has been a good day. Slept an almost straight 9 hours last night. It’s so easy to forget how important sleep is, I felt on top of the world when i woke up, alert and full of beans… Well as much as a full term pregnant lady can. Had a good long shower, got dressed and even put on some makeup. I know! Makeup! Who for? (if I have my water birth today I’m gonna look like a panda!) Myself I guess. I’m not looking horrendous but I can’t actually tell you the last time I put some slap on. ‘Slap’ reaching the dizzying heights of mascara, bronzer and blusher. Oh yes people, I may as well be going out on the razzle.

Other small victories include picking what I’m making for dinner, doing some ironing and doing some laundry. WHEN exactly did I become a house wife and WHEN exactly did I start caring about ironing my Thai fisherman’s shorts?! That aside, they are all part of my small victories list. Next stop Sainsburys for 7, yes 7 pineapples. Truth is I’ve tried everything else so I may as well give this a go.

I downloaded the WordPress app yesterday and have today mastered how to save a draft rather than publish each time I hit save. Small technical victory.
Yesterday was pretty successful too. Unpacked everything else that was left in the living room. So now other than some wardrobes for our bedroom and shelves in the living room, we’re pretty much sorted… And I can happily report that the living room no longer looks like a bomb site.

Hubby and I are currently making our way through series 6 of Dexter. Such a good series. Holding out for Game of Throwns series 2 but just hoping it comes down in price a smidge more. Not made of money you know! A little worrying that the 2 shows I love the most are quite so violent. Speaking of violent, started watching Sons of Anarchy the other day but lost my appetite a bit when a dude slammed his own jaw on a prison table in order to bite his own tongue off. Or when the old bird was threatening the younger one. Said that she was going to get her sent to jail where she would get ‘fist raped’. Hmmm, not a series for me I think.

After food shop I’m thinking some more Tara Lee yoga and maybe, just maybe I might start taking the curtains up. I know, sometimes I shock myself at how glamorous I am.

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