Getting seats on tubes during pregnancy

To all of you who kindly get up when you see a pregnant lady, THANK YOU!!! And to those of you who are stood but will ask others who are seated to move for us or who safe guard us a seat when one becomes free, another really big thank you for sticking your neck out for us!

A thought on getting seats on tubes. If you’re pregnant and you’re still travelling by public transport I think you may sympathise.

Please, for all of you who don’t think we’ve seen you noticing us or our bump. For those who suddenly feel the urge to fall asleep or find something riveting on their phone or in the Metro. For those of you who are sitting there thinking ‘yeah well I’m tired too’. Those of you who are sat there in your 20s with your sports kit by your feet. Please get up and offer us a seat… Especially if we’re wearing a baby on board badge or if obviously pregnant. This, believe it or not goes for men AND women (wow you can churn up some attitude!)

Why? Apart from the fact it would be really lovely of you? Well, despite my cycling and running to work pre pregnancy, as soon as I became pregnant I almost instantly became short of breath. Nothing to do with being fat/gaining baby weight/baby crushing my lungs (although that does come later). Nope, just being pregnant was enough. I almost passed out on the tube a couple of times in my 1st trimester as even I was thinking I should be ok at such an early stage. You’re womb eventually comes out of your pelvis pulling your lower back out of a more neutral position causing lower back pain. Generally we’re exhausted as although externally it might not look like much is going on, internally we’re creating life, we’re building a baby! We need to pee most of the time, we’re making more blood and often we can feel sick. That’s not to mention the other fab effects you can get of sciatica, groin pain as the relaxin hormone helps most of your joints spread, swelling, a very sensitive nose to bad smells, bad co-ordination, tiredness… However, this is very difficult to explain in a 5s exchange on the tube.

So we promise. We’re not being lazy, we really do need that seat.

Methods for getting noticed: I noticed that during a time when I should be calm/happy and excited about being pregnant, the tube journey in was seriously putting me in a foul mood in the mornings. So I used 2 methods which had a much improved rate of success.
1. Attach your baby on board badge directly on your bump. At this height it should be eye level and a lot more difficult to get away from it.
2. Just ask. I would give it about 15s just in case someone notices. But once it’s obvious no one is getting up or the person sat in the ‘less able to stand’ seat has ignored the bump, I would bend down slowly, smiling and kindly ask in a very soft voice if I could bother them for their seat. Works every time. The odd ones are the ones who look at you confused and want to confirm… Am i sure i want a seat? No, you’re right. I, the pregnant woman, asking for a seat in the 1st instance, with a baby on board badge am confused as to whether or not I need a seat. In fact what is happening is I’m hitting on you! Can I sit on your lap!?

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