Skin Part 2: Oily

I spent many years with oily skin, trying to find something, anything that would help me. I started investing a little more on skin care products toward my late 20s, after all your skin is with you for the long term, so quick fixes in my mind, are not always the best solution. With oily skin I think people are still prone to go for more astringent options that dry everything out but do not always give anything back. What I mean to say is I started using a face oil for example because it can give your skin nutrients, suppleness and help with healing. Yet if you have oily skin it’s probably the last thing you think you want to put on. I gave it a go and found no negative reactions.

Products that have worked for me (before and during pregnancy):

Face Oil:

Face butter/beauty balm: In this case there’s only one that does the trick, Organic PharmacyCarrot Butter Cleanser’:

Preferred moisturiser for oily skin:

This is my main winner, refreshing, rich but does not feel too heavy on the skin and sinks right in; Bobbi Brown, ‘Face Base

Routine: I find myself moving fast in the morning so I spend a little more time toward the end of the day.

  • Morning: Splash of water, apply moisturiser
  • Evening: Remove make up, apply face butter and leave for 10 mins before washing off. Apply face oil (sometimes moisturiser and face oil depending on the weather: really cold/sun exposure)
  • Note: moisturize the face, neck and décolletage!

Diet: I have to admit that I’ve never been a massive believer that your diet effects your skin. Of course it does to a certain degree, but eating too many sweets does not give me a break out. However since I became pregnant it has cleared up a lot. Other than the hormone changes I will hold my hands up and say most likely that no alcohol has had the biggest effect.

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