Captain’s Log: Natural forms of inducing but I think baby will come when it’s ready

Update of the day. No baby outside of tummy yet, it’s still hybernating inside tummy. Who can blame it? Warm, dark and food is always on tap. Mummy and daddy really want to meet you though, what can we do to convince you? Bribing our children to get them to do what we want… Who knew it started so early?!

7 Pineapples have been consumed for their enzyme bromelain (which can help soften the cervix) and also for their diuretic effect, both of which can help kick start labour. I can report that it definitely had one effect, guess the other effect is less evident but that’s not to say that it has not helped, just that I can’t notice it as explicitly. However, it has sadly not delivered the ultimate desired result. It has however given me sore wisdom teeth!!!

As much as I am giving myself the space to be ok with being overdue, I see no harm in trying out some of the old wive’s tales along the way. Truth is, if it can help then great, if not there’s no harm in trying. The more I do try though, the more it reaffirms to me that baby will come when it’s ready. I have heard different stories from different people about what they swear by. Not to knock people’s own theories but something tells me that their baby was probably getting ready anyway and that whatever it is they tried came at the right time to help trigger things into action. This is just my hypothesis of course.

We know there’s no proven medical evidence to show natural forms of inducing/old wive’s tales actually work. It is however interesting that both  prostaglandins (from semen) and bromelain (from about 7 pineapples) can help to soften the cervix/plug. But again, if you had sex in week 30, would you expect that to induce labour? Probably not, and this is what I mean when I say, I think these things can help but only once baby is ready.

So there seem to be 3 general objectives to all these natural methods;
1. To work as a diuretic (not that you should be popping laxatives)
2. To soften the cervix/mucous plug
3. To get mum in a super relaxed, oxytocin induced state

Sounds like curry by candle light with some Barry White in the background will help nail all 3! That said, I might book myself in for some accupuncture end of next week.

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