A good pregnancy routine

No, no news yet sports fans. Just had a lovely big Sunday roast with the parental units including amazing dessert. I don’t think I’m helping this baby shake a leg.

A note on what I think is a good pregnancy routine if you can or have the time before baby arrives;

1. Pelvic floor exercises every morning (10 slow, 20 faster). I’m useless for not doing things if I cannot see the immediate benefits of doing them. However, put simply they kind of help keep your insides in, see functions. Keeping them in good shape is important. Good to do in the morning as you’re waking up before you get out of bed, as is…

2. Premium stretching. I’m pain-o-phobic. The thought or ripping or cutting seriously freaks me out. So again although it’s something I cannot see the benefits of doing straight away, the pain-o-phobe in me is more scared of what may happen if I don’t. Easy to do in the morning before you get out of bed. Apparently you can get partners to do it but I figure they had more than enough fun 9 months ago.

3. Hypnobirthing/visualization. Very helpful, I think, for getting your head right. Listening to your cd/dvd once will not have the desired effect. It is the repetition that helps secure the story/images/routines in your mind so it that you can bring them up when you need them. I popped mine on my ipod and would listen to it after yoga practice as part of my relaxation or, after a stupidly early morning I would put it on late morning to relax me in preparation for my snooze. If you fall asleep, fair enough, but it’s good to get into the habit of trying to listen to it as often as possible.

4. Prenatal Yoga. Either going to a class with a teacher or practicing along with a dvd. Feel free to do both. I concentrated on buying a dvd for 2 reasons. A) you can fit it into your routine, when you have time, feel well enough. B) yoga classes are great but you tend to be locked into paying for a course, each week at the same time. Great for meeting new people, talking through problems/yoga position etc. A dvd can help if you want more flexibility. 3 times a week is good… Every day is amazing. Yoga (as opposed to other sports) is good for relaxing you and getting you synched with your body. The breathing techniques and positions are great to help you through labour.

If you can do all 4 everyday I think you’re on to a good thing. However along with everything else I’m finding, it’s about the small victories. If I can manage all 4 i feel heroic, if I can manage 1 or 2 i still feel it’s been a successful day.

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