Positive things I want to remember when in labour

3 things to announce on my 6am blog;

– No, no baby yet
– My friends are walking 630miles over several days to raise money for BLISS, when our little vulnerable bundles are born too soon, too small, too sick. Pls feel free to donate and/or follow them. They’re reaching the end soon (like me!) 2fatlads.com
– my mobile phone internet connection is SO much faster at this crazy time before everyone wakes up. Not really a shock but good to remind myself

Dear baby,
Other than UFO, breathe & relax, here is a list of positive things I want to try to remind myself of when my contractions start;

– We have been waiting 9 long months to meet you
– You’re an amazing little miracle, a combination of hubby and me, who will you be?
– Every contraction brings me closer to meeting you & discovering if you are a boy or a girl!
– You had to come out at some point
– Natural vs medically induced is preferable
– Can you enjoy child birth?
– Women have done this for a very long time
– The Queen gave birth!
– Animals do it without a fuss
– My body was designed for this and it is one of the most natural things
– Allow the contractions to do the hard work
– Strong contractions are a good thing, they’re helping to get baby out efficiently
– Contractions are only temporary, they are not forever
– Stay off your back
– Your body is creating your contractions and pain, it won’t give you more than your body can handle
– I’m looking forward to breathing, eating and moving normally again
– This is the start of a new life

If any of you have any additional positive thoughts you’ve used or can think of please let me know! The more the merrier.

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