Skin Part 3: Dry

Now I’m pregnant, my skin has become a lot drier that it was before. The pros really are that I now have less spots! I really cannot complain, however the flip side of this is that I scar more easily and my wrinkles show a little more. As I mentioned in ‘Skin: Part 2: Oily’, I’m a big believer in putting nutrients back in, so a large part of my regime has not changed however there are some differences.

Face Oil as before:

Face butter/beauty balm as before:  Organic Pharmacy ‘Carrot Butter Cleanser’

Preferred moisturizers for drier skin:

During the day I needed a good rich moisturiser that wasn’t oily but that would keep my skin moisturized all day. When the change occurred I ran around quite a few different brands to try to find the right thing. My search ended with:

In the evening, I was happier to go to town to help my skin. This either involved using the above Avocado & Vit E night cream along with a face oil OR the other night cream that works wonders is:

  • Bobbi Brown, ‘Extra Repair Moisturizing Balm’. It was thick, rich, sank into my skin but left a left a moisturized slightly oily feel to my skin (which I liked) so I knew it was doing good over night. In the morning my skin actually felt firmer… can’t ask fro more than that! The only thing for me was the smell didn’t quite agree with me, but this may not be a problem for others (but still worth a go):
  • Crème de la mere: I have to admit to going all out and giving their iconic moisturiser a go. I figure if it works its worth the money, no? So I used a tub’s worth over several weeks, religiously every evening. I have to admit that it was a nice ‘cold cream’ as I’d describe it, but personally did not find it worth the expense. It promises blemish/scar reduction as well as being a great moisturiser, but it did not seem to work on the blemish and scar front.

Routine: Again, I find myself moving fast in the mornings (even when pregnant) so I spend a little more time toward the end of the day.

  • Morning: Splash of water, apply enough moisturiser that it will take a couple of minutes for it all to sink in… apply make up
  • Evening: Remove make up, apply face butter and leave for 10 mins before washing off, apply face oil 1st and then moisturiser. I find the thicker moisturizers (such as the Bobbi Brown ‘Extra’) are easier to put on once there is a base of face oil.
  • Note: moisturize the face, neck and décolletage! With my drier skin I have noticed the delicate skin on my neck has become a little papery and in need of added moisture.

Diet: Again the lack of booze in my diet I think will have been my biggest aid here. I’d love to profess that all the fresh fruit and veg have also added to it, but I used to be a big eater of these things before. So no booze + change in hormones seem to have done the trick… I wonder, possibly the copious amounts of sleep I try to get has also been helpful.

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