Day 4 (Can’t believe it’s already day 4!): Breast Feeding the Unexpected

I find the whole nursing thing very interesting. Everyone tells you it doesn’t hurt, but the truth is when you start speaking to people, yes it does! Almost everyone who’s had children recently has admitted that the first 2 – 6 weeks are uncomfortable/hurt (finally got a midwife to admit it as well). True you’ll get used to it eventually and after a while they will stop hurting – you’ll hardly feel it. But what they forget to tell you is that at the start OF COURSE it’ll hurt. In my midwife’s words: ‘it’s like having a hoover stuck to you for 30 mins for a feed several times a day when you’re not used to it’. Some women are lucky and do not feel it from the start (very lucky them), but it sounds like the majority of new mums do.

Problem is if the baby is not latched on properly you will get really bad pain too which is common. So if you work on this assumption, it is easy for new mums to blame themselves and question if they’re doing something wrong. What if the baby is latched on well and it still hurts? It can be a million other things, but it would be really helpful if the midwives actually explained that it may well be sore at the start. If you don’t expect it, I’m not surprised many new mums give up. 

Angles are also very helpful I’ve discovered; height, direction etc. Sometimes the secret is in the smaller tweaks to try to help make it feel less uncomfortable.

Today the old milk has come in. Wow. This adds another dimension to all this fun. But at least I now actually believe there’s milk in there. No early leaking and no signs over the last few days of any milk… other than several dirty nappies of course and a happy full baby. I did wonder if I would ever see any.

And we thought the childbirth was the end of the hard bits. Tut tut. Surprisingly, still very happy and content about it all though.

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One Response to Day 4 (Can’t believe it’s already day 4!): Breast Feeding the Unexpected

  1. crummymummy1 says:

    Such a shame you are experiencing pain! Hang in there and it will get better I promise – if it helps, I used this equation: when latched on make sure the baby’s bottom lip is folded over so it’s practically touching the top of their chin, make sure you could pass your little finger between their top lip and your boob and make sure your nipple is angled as though it’s firing the milk to the back and top of their mouth. Hope that makes sense – I LOVED breast feeding and gave up feeding my 21 month old just a week ago. I wrote her this poem when I stopped – hope it gives you inspirationx

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