Day 9: Baby’s 1st bath and… I lied

So, no holds barred! I thought breastfeeding was getting better. I lied. Turns out the feeling of razors when baby is breast feeding is thrush of the nipple. Who knew!? and more to the point, seriously? No fair. On medication to get rid of it but I tell you when you’re feeding 8+ times a day, it takes a lot out of you. La Leche Leaugue have some good suggested rememdies. Airing them and sunlight are the 2 interesting ones for me, but medication is the main thing and the earlier you catch it the easier it is to get rid of.

On to something a little nicer and more fun. Last night/earlier this morning baby’s umbilical cord stump fell off. About 1 hour ago, we gave baby her 1st bath! I say bath, there was about 2 inches of water in her baby bath and mainly we just rinsed and splashed her a bit, but still, she seemed to like it. Result!

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