Day 10: car seat and pram

So breastfeeding endures. Baby has puked somewhat but still having dirty and wet nappies so we’re hoping the puking is just a passing phase. Might have something to do with the thrush medication i took/am using. As the hospital says, as long as she’s not dehydrated she’s ok… But we continue to keep an eye on her.

On to more exciting news. This bank holiday weekend is so lovely, this morning i was keen to take her outside for a walk but we had no buggy. Decision was to wait til she was born before we decided exactly what we needed. Glad we did as we would have got the wrong pram. We didn’t like the way the car seat currently squishes her so we’ve opted for a lie flat car seat. Not as common as you’d think. Anyway, we found the one we wanted and it goes with a pram, the Jane. So, smash we has a great car seat and pram combo. In red!

So this afternoon we went for her 1st stroll in our local park/forest. Silent as a mouse. Secretly very happy, i was wondering when I’d be up for my 1st excursion outside the house. Time for a feed me thinks, all that fresh air has made us all hungry.

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