Day 11; Amazing hubby & something useful

Not 100% sure how all this will work out when hubby is gone. Last night i fed at 12, 4, 5, then hubby took her so i could sleep as she was still restless, then fed at 8, then took her again so i could sleep a couple more. When he’s gone I’ll be feeding and settling all day and most of the night regardless of whether or not I’m tired. I think i see why it starts to get tough when you’re left alone to do this.

In the mean time. Stuff I’ve fiubd helpful;
– A bedside table/tray to keep everything on
– Ear plugs (as i will hear proper restlessness and crying but otherwise i would be kept awake listening to everything!
– Eye mask
– hair band
– all gets and creams
– banana for instant food and…
– Feed Baby Lite – app. Records each feed and whether or not it was left or right breast so I don’t have to. Boom!

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