Day 13: rough night

Can’t lie. Last night was a rough night. 50mins on one breast. 40mins on the other. All by 10.30pm and she was still hungry. I was exhausted, empty and needed a break. Hubby looked after her til 1am so i could fill the tanks and get some rest. 2am after a 35 mins feed, she pushes the breast away but is then apparently still hungry and crying. I had to sleep in another room and let her calm down (but she wasn’t alone, hubby was there). 4am i went back after some sleep and she was soundo. Feed again at 7am. If it was just about getting up and feeding that’s one thing, but trying to figure out why they’re crying in the middle of the night when all other normal checks have been done and you’re exhausted, is heartbreaking.

As I’ve been told by 2 separate people today alone: Everyone has their own opinion on what you should and shouldn’t do. In the end you have to do what works for you as long as baby is safe, feeding and putting on weight.

And i can definitely confirm all of those things… Of course if anyone’s come across any miracle remedies pls let me know.

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