Day 15: blocked tear duct

She slept well last night. However we noticed a rather big, bruise like lump near her eye today. After seeing the GP who wasn’t sure what it was or how to treat it, we went to AE. There our pediatrician told us, he wasn’t sure what it was, she needed to be referred to a specialist and that she was too young to treat. But he would go check and get a second opinion. Drama. Elliott and I held our breath. Then the REAL pediatrician stopped by and in 2 seconds identified it as a blocked tear duct that needed to be massaged away. I should have known the former was a trainee when he looked at me quizzically after I’d mentioned that our new born baby girl had had her mini period and that her breasts had grown a bit. Yes, the fun begins early with girls!

But all was good in the end. Now for this breastfeeding to sort itself out!

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