Day 16: express

Ok, so i expressed for the 1st time today. I tried before but with the thrush it felt like an added punishment. I tried again today as i think i might have mastitis. One of the best cures is to continue breastfeeding (assuming its not infectious), however the nipples are still sore. SO! Milk was expressed for the 1st time this morning to a) give the nipple a rest and b) take the pressure off a very sore boob. Expressed about 100ml which felt like major success compared  with the 20ml achieved before. It is possibly one of the strangest things I’ve ever experienced. Then you ‘simply’ feed her from a cup. A whole new challenge in itself… I left this trial to hubby as i disappeared for a shower. Expecting a nice visit from friends today and then, the world is our oyster!… Ish

It is midday. I have just managed to finish breakfast. Hurrah!

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