Day 17: So where are we after 2 & a bit weeks?

It’s a Sunday. Yesterday evening we went to ‘Chapters‘ in blackheath for cocktails with baby and were super happy to find out that even at 10pm they were a child friendly bistro. We returned home for 10.30 (i know, a crazy night) and feeding commenced, the biggest stint being from 1.30 til 3am where she eventually fell off. 7.30 am, boom. Time for some more action.

On reflection the last 2 weeks have been mental. I had a melt down pretty much bang on day 10 (anxiety attack/a lot of crying, emotionally a wreck)… 1 Dr diagnosed it as post natal depression…. Everyone else identified it as the peak of post natal blues, almost everyone got it, my hormones were playing silly buggers and it was all very normal. My body temperature had been going up and down regularly and I’ve been sweating chronically at night plus boobs on fire and painful. I discovered these are the milk sweats.

You expect your life to change but one thing i hadn’t expected was the chemical imbalance in my body. Exhaustion; yes, feeding constantly; yes, emotional craziness; no. But then it’s so easy to forget your body goes through massive changes and those changes are not just physical.

The other unknown is trying to figure the baby out. What does all the different crying mean? Hunger, cold, nappy, winding, hug, tired and disgruntled? Just when you think you get it or that you understand their routine… It changes!

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