Day 18: 1st day solo

And it wasn’t bad at all. In truth after her 4am marathon feed and again at 8am, she tried to complain at 10am but I hugged her into submission and we dozed til midday, which is when we received lots of deliveries. Even managed a shower.

We are currently trying to hoodwink her. I’ve been feeding most of the early evening. We’ve bathed her and i have hair dried her… She seems to love it. And now putting her down. I know it’s only 9pm but wow do we need the sleep.

She’s currently making the cutest little snuffling noises. Of course it’s these same noises that keep you awake all night as parents.

Oh yes, today was baby’s 1st 10mins in the sun. It wasn’t too hot but either way, no need for her to get too much sun too early.

Roll on sleep!

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