Day 20: A bigger baby

Today the midwife came and all seems well. Baby’s gained 400g in the last 5 days…. I KNEW she was feeling heavier!

It was also a day of patience. She was restless most of the morning and late afternoon. Thankfully as always hubby came to break up the day and help alleviate the load.Having spoken to the midwife, as breastfeeding is established now we can feed her any expressed milk with a bottle and teet (rather than just a cup which was not met with too much success) which is helpful. No nipple confusion apparently… We’ll see how it goes.

Today was also the day a few of the NCT girls came round to visit. It was amazing to see even at such an early age (2 x nine weeks, four weeks and mine at almost three) how each one of the babies has already developed a character. The funny part was of the 4 hours we hung out together, one of us always had a boob out to feed. Much pooh was created in our flat.

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