Day 21: Counting my chickens

Yes indeed, before they hatch! OK, so I admit she’s having a bit of a teary moment just now but she’s been great all day. Gotta count my little victories.

  • She slept through til 6.30am (from 11pm the night before) when she woke for a change and a feed.
  • 7.30am she wrapped up and went down for a snooze til 10am (amazing!)
  • … in the mean time:
  • Mummy snoozed from 8am til 9am
  • Then had a wash, got dressed, did the clothes washing, had breakfast and managed to express about 100ml. BOOM! Its amazing what I can now fit into an hour
  • Then she woke for a feed at 10am where she fell asleep straight afterwards (hoorah)
  • Friend arrived at 11am, she held her and kept her quiet whilst I made lunch
  • Mum arrived at 1pm, where she fed and then slept on the mother unit
  • Finally got up around 5pm and she’s been hungry ever since.

I’m hoping the 100ml can get pulled out a little later this evening before she pops off to bed. Tomorrow am hoping to express even more… we have a journey up to Birmingham in the afternoon for a wedding on Saturday, our 1st proper trip out. This could be interesting.

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One Response to Day 21: Counting my chickens

  1. b says:

    Lucy Lucky. Did you find any nipple confusion probs? my baba refuses point blank to take the bottle. how did you do it? x

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