Day 22: our 1st long journey

Today kind of started upside down. She slept well, til 8am. I got up at 7 and managed to express 140ml from the left boob. Amazing (so far only ever managed 30ml max)!! But, she did not go for her early morning snooze. I hadn’t realised how much i had been depended on my extra hour. So the afternoon was a bit of a struggle. Mind you, the feeding has been regular and going well so there’s been one plus today, it has helped to spread the feeding out.

In my hazy tired state i did manage to iron a silk dress for tomorrow’s wedding without burning a hole in it which I’m pretty happy about. I finished packing about 3 bags (for one night) and we were off at 4.30 to Birmingham.

It took us 4 hours total and included at 30min feeding break. It’s been a manageable journey. Lots of feeding on arrival including the expressed milk THANK GOD! So I’ve had a cider 😉

But of course, despite all the planning and rigour… We’ve just discovered we’ve forgotten our toothbrushes

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