Day 25; what can the baby see?

1st off, we’ve had a good day. A blessing i hope following our weekend from hell. She was up at 7am but then slept til 10am. This is the pattern I like. Grandma came round today and helped take the pressure off. She provided lunch, unpacked the sainsbury’s delivery, shifted the recycling and watched the baby most of the afternoon. I showered (sigh), managed the post office, dry cleaning AND pharmacy. Back for a 3pm feed and i even managed a 1 hour snooze! It’s been such a good day (it’s 9pm and baby is currently snoozing on me) I’m waiting for the shit to hit the fan.

I was wondering how far a baby can see at this age, mainly so i can start thinking of relevant ways to entertain her.

Looks like:
– New born they see between 8-12 inches, movement, shadows, high contrast images. They find facial expressions (close up) fascinating
– 1 month can track movement, can focus and apparently this means playing ‘eye to eye’ with them is very interesting for them. Rattling keys are also fascinating
– 2 months, more receptive to colour
– 4 months, depth perception

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