Day 26: 1st proper day out alone

So today has been very interesting. We had our 1st proper day out, without the aid of hubby. baby was brilliant this morning. Fed at 9am and then gave me a whole 15 mins of awake but not crying time, to have a shower. Then a bit more feeding and off we went to a breast feeding group, or the last 30mins of it at least. This involved putting her in the car seat, putting the car seat in the car (no mean feat) and off we went… then dragging the slightly heavy seat out and into the centre.

The breastfeeding ladies were all very nice. Only 3 other mums so we all had a bit of a chat. Other babies were 4 months, 5 months and… not sure, but young, although not as young as mine. It was a chance to meet some mums and chat about their experiences about feeding and speak with the experts. As soon as I mentioned I still had sore nipples they wanted to see her feed of course, the unspoken, ‘we just want to check how she latches on because we don’t believe you,’ look. This time I had arrived with a full baby, next time they have requested a hungry baby… and hungry a screaming baby they shall have. Interestingly they seem to think that a good feed for a baby is anything between 5 – 30 mins and that I should not automatically give her the 2nd breast, no need to get her into a bad habit. Of course in my mind in a way it seems odd as I would have thought feeding the baby lots was a good idea. We shall see next week… if i’m up in time and the angel gives me enough time to shower.

Next up we went to visit one of the NCT mums, this involved the car seat again and then attaching it to the base/pram. This again was an adventure all on its own. Never done it before, but now I’ll know for the future. Another 1st for me, we went to cafe Rouge for lunch (OK so we got there at 3 eventually… but at least we got there!) and after a long session of soothing, I finally gave in and gave her the breast. it was only a 10 min feed, but she passed out and gave me 10 mins to eat my lunch.

Eventually I drove home and all was well. Teary still in the evenings but it was good to get out and actually feels like we managed to do quite a bit! Time for the last feed me thinks.

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