Day 27: Hugs & Colic, solutions for a crying baby?

Today I tried a new tactic. I have simply given in and decided to hug the baby all day. Given in because I’m not overly a touchy feely person and normally during the day I’m aching to put her down so I can do other stuff. As it turns out I’ve only just put her down (3pm) as I had to go pee and grab some lunch and she’s remained still and quiet in her moses basket. Now, three things may have happened 1) My baby was swapped in the middle of the night 2) she really does love and NEED cuddles – they make everything else alright 3) she may have had colic and our remedy last night really has had the desired effect.

I had originally associated colic with vomiting babies but not really thought about it or looked into it much. Last Friday she seemed inconsolable and the same all weekend (despite cuddles, could it have been a growth spurt?). Monday evening the same and then yesterday, very similar all day. The NCT girl mentioned it in passing as she could see I was trying to soothe the baby, but nothing would settle her, even after a feed she was quick to wake up and start screaming. The honest truth is it could be both, either or neither. Oh the habit that she had and then lost last week could be back: she slept soundly from 11pm last night – 4.30am for a feed, then back to bed only to rise at 9.30am and she seems to have snoozed through most of the day (bliss for me). Maybe she’s just having a good day? Maybe it’s all the non-stop cuddling she’s had since this morning? Or maybe it’s the Infacol we started giving her last night. Not sure.

Of course now I have the reverse and need to keep an eye on her that 1) she’s not TOO unresponsive (in case he’s ill) 2) she does not have a temperature and 3) to make sure she does in fact eat enough. Mind you if what the breast feeding advisor mentioned yesterday is true (a good feed is anything from 5 – 30mins) then working with the lower end of the scale she’s had the equivalent of 16 feeds already!!! 80mins so far of total feeding time, 5 mins each = 16… of course she’s only fed 3 separate times today, but she normally gets hungrier in the evenings so we’ll see where we get to at the end of the day. 

I’m worried a little as a brand new mother and hope nothing is wrong but then on the flip side have to remind myself that in many ways this is perfect… a sleeping baby, limited crying and when she does feed, nice big healthy feeds with only 1 during the night. Funnily enough, as much as I was dying to put her in the moses basket just now, elle me manque tellement! And I want to pick her up again… well, now I have updated my blog during day light hours, I may treat myself to a hug! But 1st some fruit to eat care of mother in law.

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