Day 28: 1st try with formula

So. I’m actually laughing to myself. I was feeding the baby at 8pm wondering how we were going to keep her up at least til 10pm so she didn’t go to bed to early. I laugh because it’s 11.45pm and she’s only just gone down. Oh. Best laid plans and all that.

Status for today. We were up completely by 9am. She let me have a shower only starting to kick off toward the end. We popped over to see one of the NCT girls for a short hour… Which of course takes a total of 3 hours to nappy change, pack, check route, organize car seat, put car seat in,not cry when she won’t stop crying, comfort and breastfeed whilst there and then return. I’m getting tired just remembering it … And that’s just an hour popping out!!

On our return there was much feeding and then something happened that has never really happened with me before. I kept comforting and comforting her until she felt asleep. Interesting to think that for the 1st 2 weeks hubby would take her and calm her. My 1st week on my own had enough visitors that I didn’t notice and all other times i fed her constantly until she passed out in a milk coma. It’s only since speaking with that breastfeeding lady that i realize i may have been feeding her at times when she just needed a hug. So it was nice to see that persistent hugging and rocking do work. But man is the whole thing exhausting.

Anyway this evening we split into two. Pre bath feed and post bath feed, split by a handy… You guessed it, bath. We have chosen to give her formula to top off my final post bath feed to a) fill her up rather than her eating so much my nips fall off and b) i hear formula’s quite good for knocking them out… The experiment begins!!!!

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