Day 29: 4 weeks today… how much should a baby sleep?

She’s 4 weeks old, hoorah!! And the last time we measured her she weighed in at 4.22 kg which means she’s almost gained a kilo from birth!… that’ll be all that eating.

Last night we tried an experiment: feed at 8pm, bath, feed again and a bottle of formula to top it off. She only managed about 50ml so I’m guessing my boobs are doing their job. Well, she went down at 11.45pm… and didn’t get up til 7.30am. We pray, PRAY that we can establish this habit. We know it’s unlikely, but like all parents, we live in hope. She’s also been nice and calm today, by which I mean she’s been napping and this brings me to another thing. How much SHOULD a baby sleep before I start worrying?

According to the babycentre:

Age Daytime sleep Night-time sleep Total sleep
Newborn 7hrs 30mins (3 naps) 8hrs 30mins 16 hrs
One month 6hrs 45mins (3 naps) 8hrs 30mins 15hrs 15mins
Two months 5hrs 30mins (3 naps) 10hrs 15hrs 30mins
Three months 5hrs (3 naps) 10hrs 15hrs
Six months 3 hrs (2 naps) 11hrs 14hrs
Nine months 2hrs 45mins (2 naps) 11hrs 15mins 14hrs
12 months 2hrs 15mins (2 naps) 11hrs 30mins 13hrs 45mins

So, about now she should be doing a total of 15 hours 15 mins.  So we have about 3 – 4 hours of snooze time left today. Yes! If only she could do this every day. Or maybe that’s why she’s cranky most days when she’s awake for the majority of the day?

A couple of NCT girls also mentioned something that I tried this morning. Both had tried laying the baby on its front, 1 for night time sleeping and the other just during the day, the baby would lay on their front on their chest to help them nod off. Well I tried this technique today when she started crying after her morning feed… and literally passed straight out! Oh the journey of discovery.

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