Day 30: NCT Reunion and Dummies

So today we had our reunion with the NCT folks, all couples + NCT teacher Michelle. I’m sure some people would prefer to go to someone else’s house rather than have the hassle of hosting. I’m sadly one of those people who prefer hosting (because I enjoy it) in the comfort of my own home as it also means I don’t need to travel. Everyone brought along something to eat… by which I mean we had enough to feed 30 people rather than the 10 of us. It was a lovely day, great to see all the parents and babies.

I also noticed a few things today:

  1. My baby is by far the loudest baby out of all of them
  2. She won the championship in crying
  3. Most of the mum’s had tried a dummy

Now I had tried a dummy with the mother-in-law a few days ago (a nifty one with a moustache on it) but she didn’t seem to like it. Turns out there are different shapes which may have something to do with it. I also worried that a dummy might be a bad idea, more for the fact that it might create buck teeth later on in life and create a dependency. Looking around today, the mums are good, caring, conscientious mums but they have used a dummy. It’s not about giving in or being a lazy parent. If anything today proved this to me. Baby had 3 feeds over 4 hours… so, not hungry and STILL managed to cry for at least half of it. Hugging is one thing but they seem to comfort in other ways, looks like sucking is one of them. SO! Today I bought a dummy.

One other hint/tip. Amazon Prime sounded like a lot of wasted money to me originally. However when you’re stuck at home and you don’t really need to pay postage, it’s a God send! Suddenly it’s worth the £50 for the year!

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