Day 32: All the things we love about our 1 month old Lo-Lo

You guessed it, Lo-lo was born one month today. At the time she was born (7.11am) she was happily ingesting milk off my 2nd boob for the 2nd time today. You are correct in thinking she did not sleep the night last night. As mentioned yesterday we did not get the chance to feed her any formula as the last feed of the night. I forgot how nervous I get when it comes to feeding her and then trying to put her down to sleep afterwards… oh how short my memory is, after all it’s only been 3 nights! In fairness she’s not that bad at going back down but I always do it with kit gloves so as not to have a crying baby all night long.

There’s been a lot to think about this last month. Physically my pelvic floor is still questionable and not sure that catheter did me any favours. It’s always taken me a while to leave the house, now it takes an additional 2 hours. How upset I get and how uncomfortable I can be if I’ve forgotten something simple like my breastfeeding pillow. Breastfeeding still hurts 4 weeks in but it is better than a week after birth. I did however do my 1st bit of exercise today post birth, Post Natal Yoga with Tara Lee. I have discovered that because I breastfeed so much that going food shopping to Sainsburys, even popping out to put the rubbish out can be a treat some times (don’t tell hubby). We’ve also had a few sweet moments with our new addition, for example:

  • When she makes cute snuffling noises like a little animal
  • She smells cute and warm with a scent of her own
  • The position she sleeps in, a giant star shape
  • When she’s awake and alert and stares into your eyes
  • The way she wriggles her tiny toes (which of course we then proceed to nibble off… luckily they regrow by the morning)
  • The way she holds her head up and it bobs up and down with an ‘ooo’ look on her face, lips pursed
  • The fact that she has really long eye lashes
  • The way such a small beautiful thing can trump SO loudly

Here’s to the next month. We love you Lo-Lo

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