Day 33: shields

So i have to be honest. I’m trying nipple shields. And I have to say that they are good. They definitely help with the pain, mine are still sore after 4.5  weeks. It is a viscous cycle of course. You keep feeding they keep staying sore. Even expressing comes with a different soreness. Saw the breastfeeding advisor today who (surprise surprise) told me she was latching in fine and that nipple shields were a good idea. Great. Thankfully I’d already ordered some.

However they come with their own set of challenges. They are tricky to put on correctly so u could end up with milk that leaks out a bit. It’s harder for the milk to come out so baby doesn’t get as much/requires more effort and my boob doesn’t get drained as well… Which can lead to sore boobs in addition to sore nipples.

Today we tried the Madela size small with partial contact. As mentioned they were good however as my breastfeeding advisor said, I have to chose to use the shields for less important feeds… Presumably for the above reasons. Not right now just before bed then. Of course it’s at this time (end of the day) that the nips feel most destroyed. No matter, we crack on.

In other news she has been doing a lot of smiling. Not sure she knows she’s doing it or why but who cares!?

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