Day 34: Something for myself

SO EXHAUSTED today! Last night was a big challenge. Fed at 2.30am which was fine, but only on one boob (as am trying to let nips heal so more time is left between feeding from each one) instead of offering the 2nd automatically. Then tried the dummy just to comfort her to sleep rather than falling asleep on the boob. No joy. At 4am (when hubby got up to go to work) I finally got up and fed her from the other. She still wouldn’t settle, so I tried to lay her next to me in bed in a pillow fortress so i couldn’t squish her and eventually, EVENTUALLY around 7am she dozed off. I tried to get some rest of course even with ear plugs I can still hear all her movements. Eventually she got up properly at 9am. Strangely enough, mummy did not feel rested.

The rest of the day has really been survival until 1pm when mother in law and hubby came home. Despite the tiredness, I decided I would treat myself to something I’ve been putting off since week 36 of my pregnancy! I went and got a decent haircut in Blackheath. I didn’t know which salon to go to as we’ve only moved locally recently, so I went and asked in the 1st one I came across. I only had limited time as I needed to find someone free to cut my hair there and then and get back to feed Lo-Lo again… and of not end up paying for additional parking which was already astronomical. So it would turn out I picked the most expensive salon in Blackheath and of course only the Artistic Director was free… but to hell with it! I’ve never had a £65 hair cut before, but it was worth it. Helped me feel like me again. I was offered champagne (next time I must not renege on the offer), had a mini head massage, got a great cut and had it styled very well. It’s a small treat to myself and it really helped refresh me… a bit of pampering for all the 24 hour attention we give our little one. We love her of course we do, but it’s not for no reason people talk about ‘surviving’ the 1st few months. As a mother you are always there, constantly. It’s a joy in one had, but very demanding on the other, mainly I think because it is relentless. Lo-Lo seems to generally be a very vocal baby… non-stop. So once you’re done feeding with sore nipples, trying to figure out if she’s had enough, you then need to entertain for the rest of the time… and today has been one of those days when she has not slept. So I freely admit, it was great to get away for 2 hours and get a breather.

She’s finally gone down (11.30pm) but I’m not sure for how long as she has been quite puky today so I’m guessing she’ll be hungry soon. Kinda hoping that her long day may have helped knock her out. I expect a wake up call around 2am.

Bring it on.

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