Day 36: bloody blocked tear ducts!

Ah yes. We hope we’re on the wind down for the evening and she is currently going hell for leather on the left. She’s had an ok day. Lovely old friend round for the afternoon who Lo-Lo behaved very well for and gave many cuddles to. But it’s not been all roses today.

At this morning’s 4 am feed she sneezed and there was blood in her snot then she also puked up a bit of blood. Naturally we were alarmed and went to A&E. Not fun at 4.30am but had to be done. Joy of it being that the pediatric A&E was empty because of course all the drunk idiots from their Thursday night benders were all in the grown up department. And man were there some faces, but i digress…

I mentioned before that she had a blocked tear duct. Something the size/shape of a pea by her eye. Over the last few days its been getting bigger and looking more bruised. I was going to go to the Dr about it today. As we looked at her in the fluorescent light, we noticed it had gone. We discussed it with the Dr who gave her a check up but you’ve guessed it. The conclusion was that it had burst and drained through her nose into her throat.

She now looks a lot more evenly balanced in the face and both her beautiful blue eyes (for now) are wide open… Framed by those ridiculously long eye lashes.

Happy 5 week anniversary Lo-Lo. Glad you’re still healthy and well xx

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2 Responses to Day 36: bloody blocked tear ducts!

  1. jiisan says:

    I quite liked the Oriental look.
    Missing my fix.

    • oliveadams says:

      ha ha… must organise the next Jiisan instalment
      Rita is coming on Wednesday if you would like to join us, maybe we can all have dinner on the balcony if it’s nice?
      otherwise I’ll speak with her about putting anther date in the diary

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