Day 39: The girl is moving on up!

So of course like good parents we’ve been weighing our daughter obsessively to make sure she’s gaining weight well. Later on in life I’m sure it’ll be a typical girl response of wanting to lose weight even though she’s fine, but for now we’re obsessed with her putting it on – oh the irony.

She was weighed today and came in at 4.8kg, that’s 1.5kg above her birth weight! Today I bought the next size up in nappies and because Tesco had a deal on I went ahead and bought the next size up from that as well for the future! She does seem to be growing at a rate of knots! I also bought her 1st items of clothing from us… some baby grows. She’s out of the up to 1 month but too ickle for the 3-6 months (obviously)… so we bought some 0-3months. I hate pink, but they were the best ones there. I also bought 15 Aptamil 1st Milks to see us through the next 2 weeks. Pricey stuff when bought per carton of pre-made but then the effort to make up a bottle vs the savings when you buy the powder is just not worth it. When she ramps up her intake I’m sure I’ll buy the powder but for now…

Here’s to a lovely, healthy, growing girl!

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